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Charity of the year

DriveLink Network, along with our sister companies in The Logistics Partnership, are delighted to announce that we will be supporting a ‘Charity of the Year’ going forwards, and that we are starting this new venture by helping The Neuro Foundation.

The Neuro Foundation was founded in 1981 (then The Neurofibromatosis Association) by families and friends of people with neurofibromatosis to help support and provide information to others. Becoming a registered charity in 1982, the Neuro Foundation still has a small team of dedicated staff based in South West London who provide support and guidance to health professionals and families across the country.

Their work includes:

  • Funding a team of specialist advisors who help patients and families, providing vital support in homes, schools and hospital clinics as well as providing practical and emotional help both in person and over the phone
  • Supporting research into prevention and treatments
  • Raising awareness of the condition and the challenges it presents
  • Linking families and professionals together
  • Funding a helpline for patients and families
  • Linking people via social media

We got to know this company through a connection at MVP Recruitment at our Head Office in Droitwich, and are really hoping that by hosting some fundraising events we can help to raise the profile of the condition and generate some support both financially and socially for The Neuro Foundation and neurofibromatosis.